Thursday , February 21 2019
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My Lady

My Lady

In my dream I saw this lady

In my illusion I found her chant

Her words, so deep in my heart will I forever plant

The words, so pragmatic that I can’t forget

I think I can, NO I can’t

Her voice… as darling as that of a Yankee

Sent some shivers to my very artery

I was amazed that at a moment I was blunt

Seeing how she went on her beats

As beautiful as the rhythm of the cinnamon trees

Watching how she begins with her keys

I couldn’t help than rise to my very bases

Stealing on her as she moved her feet

 It was so great, oh Gees!

But at a moment it was over

She cascaded off the stage like a brook

Now I know it’s all over

Never will I see this figure 

On the stage hover 

But her words, like Alda in Italia

Will I forever treasure 


Kwabena Obiri-Yeboah.


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